Thursday, January 31, 2019

M.W.F. # 9 // The Wildwood Days of Doo Wop // Going back to Nebraska!..

It's a been a little bit since a posting.. Big surprise.. Anyway.. I'm working away on some projects, and wanted to give a little preview behind them!..

As Misfit Wrestling Federation #7 is submitted to comixology.. I'm continuing working on issue #9, which is coming along steadily. This issue will juggle all sides of the plot that I've had going with the story, so I'm excited as it will be pretty well-rounded and will also contain a unique flashback motif for the Bald-Headed Freak that I'm really excited about.

 My next full-colored feature, as I've previewed in previous posts, is 'The Wildwood Days of Doowop'. An over-sized, historically based book on one of the birthplaces of Rock N' Roll and a place I vacationed at as a youngster with my family - Wildwood, NJ.

This feature has really brought about some great challenges for me in terms of drawing architecture and environment - The most unique shapes make up these buildings and finding new perspectives beyond my postcard references have been a challenge I've really enjoyed. I have quite a bit to go on it (I'm on page 29), as there are (or were) so many Doowop motels and hotels in Wildwood, it's astounding.. I'm not looking to draw them all, but I'm willing to draw all the worthy ones.. which, are quite a lot. So far, most of them are fitting 2-up per page and are assembled according to their release date, chronologically.. and it wouldn't be a Doowop comic book without the music, so there's a good amount of that that's also contained.

The last bit of news I'm willing to share here is that I'm going to be returning to Nebraska to re-release 'December 3rd, 1967: An Alien Encounter' alongside of another special object dedicated to Herbert Schirmer's U.F.O. encounter. More on that and the date, soon!..

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