Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Preview the first seven pages of 'Destroy Centaur' comic book - Out later this year!!..

Hi friends!.. Been awhile since an update, but it's only because there's new content coming and it's from all directions!..

The seven pages below represent a lot for me in terms of my building of acquaintance with living in Los Angeles. Pinball was introduced to me by a special Los Angeles friend in my beginning years of living here. Along with dedicating and thanking the original pinball creators of 'Centaur' as you'll see in this intro splash page, I'll be thanking her in this work as well; because if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have grown a love I have for the art and craft of pinball and I wouldn't have met 'Centaur' the pinball machine, so soon in my life. Which, I find amazing that I did, as I've had the time (and energy) since 2011 or so to conjure this psychedelic story of legacy with the very characters of the Centaur pinball machine questioning their own.

I hope this stirs your excitement in getting the entire feature once it's ready!..

This is the first seven pages (of forty!), including the intro/dedication splash page.

Cover for 'Destroy Centaur' later to come!..