Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The first 6 pages of Misfit Wrestling Federation #6 /// To a busy year!...

Hi everyone!...

Misfit Wrestling Federation #6 is now available at my website.

I've had a wonderful busy year here in Los Angeles. I was fortune enough to provide my first animation in a feature film (more on that later)... storyboard some major brands with great directors and crews... work on one of my dream projects involving my friends and another creative aspect of me and the medium of comics itself (of course, more on that later !)... released 'December 3rd 1967: An Alien Encounter' on Comixology Submit... had a grant awarded to my comics workshop (more on that later, too)... and lastly, give you the first 6 pages of M.W.F. #6 for your enjoyment -_-/:

24pgs - Starts the story arc: 'What's In Mad Mike's Ring?'

Get it at: ! ^_^/Thanks!

Monday, December 01, 2014

'December 3rd 1967: An Alien Encounter' goes live on Comixology - Dec. 3rd 2014 - It's 47th Anniversary!

Iphone and tablet users!.. 'December 3rd 1967: An Alien Encounter', one of my proudest achievements, comes to this Wednesday, December 3rd marking Herbert Schirmer's 1967 encounter anniversary of 47 years.

Originally released with a successful Kickstarter campaign, the idea first found me while exploring some U.F.O. contactee sound files - of which, Herbert's audio storytelling was beautifully told and captured. Below and above is HIS dialogue, transcribed word for word.
I'm working on getting physical copies back in print. Stay tuned for that announcement and more!...