Saturday, December 15, 2018

'Destroy Centaur' is OUT NOW !! // Half & Half from up-coming works!..

My 18th comic book release in 12 years is finally here, 'Destroy Centaur' follows two bio-engineered pinball characters from the 1981 Bally Pinball machine, 'Centaur' that return to Earth from the future on a last ride to play their pinball game. Here, Centaur and Fly Girl meet their original audience - a cast of physically-altered curmudgeon humanoids who have them asking, is legacy worth sacrifice?..

This latest release is 44 pages in partial color. Get it here: 

 As for what's coming... Here's a half & half (half pencil, half ink(sorta) pages for you to preview what's coming!.. One from 'Misfit Wrestling Federation' #9 and the other, from 'The Wildwood Days of Doo Wop' - a full color feature that's coming to be and will hopefully, be released in 2019!.. Happy new years and holidays!..

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