Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The first 6 pages of Misfit Wrestling Federation #6 /// To a busy year!...

Hi everyone!...

Misfit Wrestling Federation #6 is now available at my website.

I've had a wonderful busy year here in Los Angeles. I was fortune enough to provide my first animation in a feature film (more on that later)... storyboard some major brands with great directors and crews... work on one of my dream projects involving my friends and another creative aspect of me and the medium of comics itself (of course, more on that later !)... released 'December 3rd 1967: An Alien Encounter' on Comixology Submit... had a grant awarded to my comics workshop (more on that later, too)... and lastly, give you the first 6 pages of M.W.F. #6 for your enjoyment -_-/:

24pgs - Starts the story arc: 'What's In Mad Mike's Ring?'

Get it at: ! ^_^/Thanks!

Monday, December 01, 2014

'December 3rd 1967: An Alien Encounter' goes live on Comixology - Dec. 3rd 2014 - It's 47th Anniversary!

Iphone and tablet users!.. 'December 3rd 1967: An Alien Encounter', one of my proudest achievements, comes to this Wednesday, December 3rd marking Herbert Schirmer's 1967 encounter anniversary of 47 years.

Originally released with a successful Kickstarter campaign, the idea first found me while exploring some U.F.O. contactee sound files - of which, Herbert's audio storytelling was beautifully told and captured. Below and above is HIS dialogue, transcribed word for word.
I'm working on getting physical copies back in print. Stay tuned for that announcement and more!...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Where have all the panel dynamics gone?... Misfit Wrestling Federation #6 Page 20

Well, they're not in current wrestling comics. Yes, I have *ahem* competitors as of late with the commercial market -- WWE is now putting out a comic book with even, pro wrestlers scribing the tales. Sounds awesome but where's the panel dynamics?.. The only thing that could truly show the art form of pro wrestling in a sequential form?.. Not in their full-colored, ad-ridden adventure.

Yes, my work is black and white BUT it does have panel dynamics. 

What is panel dynamics?...
My own definition of panel dynamics is letting the objects dictate the panel motion and flow. This, combined with proper (emphasis on clarity) balloon placement, a page not only can get dynamic, but it also allows for an "environment wrapping" manifesto of the objects... All the while, the eye is literally on a ride around the page. Something only comics can do and can be embraced whole-heartedly in any line of pro wrestling comics. 
Just my opinion ^_^

Above: Page 20 from the unreleased, Misfit Wrestling Federation #6 (OUT SOON) has a new website look up!... Check out my living room!.. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

If Jim Cornette had a Bombshell Comics t-shirt...

It would look like this:

It's no better time to be a fan of pro wrestling folks!.. At-least, I think so... Sorta -- I do miss the old wrestling ring that used to sHaKe and QuAkE it's way from wrestlers big and small. The other thing I miss is sheer charisma and character. Which, all these gentleman and ladies I've drawn above, all had in pro-wrestling during their time.

One things for sure, I sure didn't see it all coming to experiencing some of my favorite wrestling managers now hosting their very own podcasts. One of them, is Jim Cornette. He has always been a most interesting cat to me -- and now with listening to his podcast, he has such a strong vision and a taste of an opinion that I love to hear on the yester-year of pro wrestling and it goes all the way till today of what "Sports Entertainment" is. Well, Jim Cornette has been through them both. Not only that, he got to work with all the starZ of pro-wrestling.. and I emphasize that with a Z -- because he's also knocked a whole bunch out (and made them see stars) with his trusty tennis racket!.. I couldn't NOT include that racket in this piece.

Lastly, you're seeing a selected cast of my own favorites he managed from the passed 30+ years.
Now, for Jim Cornette to see it... ; )

Monday, September 08, 2014

My Venice Arts ( comics workshop's next adventure is in water and energy conservation.

After returning from my vacation spent on the east coast, i got the coolest news in regards to the non-profit where I instruct a "creating comics from the ground up" workshop -- They had been awarded a grant to create a comic book that will be distributed throughout the Los Angeles school system on water and energy conservation!

This will be the first time while instructing these last 4 years that our workshop at Venice Arts has ever been given a grant by the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power to create a water and energy conservation comic book... This will also be my 9th anthology-based comic with Venice Arts, a non-profits arts organization that gives low-income families a free multimedia arts experience in film, photography and comics. 

We as a class, write, draw, ink, letter, color and lastly, edit (if there's time ; ) our own stories together within either a summer course (4 weeks/5days/wk) or the academic years (23 weeks-1day/wk).

The experience is awesome. Filled with discovery for everyone. We break down the medium as much as we can with the wonderful world of comics instructive literature, such as Scott McCloud's 'Understanding Comics', our growing and large comics collection, and my very own research and exploratory development I've made over the years making my own comics.

Most of all, I love to empower the students to keep going. Keep expressing themselves in this amazing free-form storytelling medium ^_^

Below: Our last 8 comic book covers. More at:
Michael J.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Mohawk Bend Anniversary Art Show - This Wednesday August 6th - Selective art works on display!...

Hey Everyone,

I have selective art works from both my Roller Dames series and original comic book pages going up for Mohawk bend's Anniversary Art Show. The opening reception is from 5:30-7:00pm this Wednesday -- Don't miss it!.. Catch my work with other local Echo Park local artists in a wonderful unique space (a former vaudeville theatre) for this limited time!...

The Facebook event page to RSVP:

See you there!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

My favorite pinball parlor's Grand Re-Opening and the flyer i made for this Friday night! ~

I had a joy or producing this flyer for my favorite pinball parlor in Los Angeles,.. Echo Park to be particular, Bedrock Studios to be even more.

Pins & Needles is operated by a fellow artist, and simply one of the best pinball players out there. Also... I mean, what kind of woman does it take to offer 24 of her vintage pinball machines for you to play at the very cost they've always been played for?... 25,50,75 cents?...

Well, Pins & Needles is having a Grand Re-Opening and i'm happy to have coined it, "Bally Goodness".

Friday, June 20, 2014

My 2011 graphic novel film, 'Dec 3rd 1967: An Alien Encounter' is screening at Venice Arts: June 21st 2014

We'll be screening my 2011 graphic novel film, 'December 3rd, 1967: An Alien Encounter' (with the found 1970's U.F.O. conference audio of ex-Nebraska state patrolman, Herbert Schirmer) as he narrates a panel for panel sequence of how he was taken aboard a U.F.O. while on duty on Dec 3rd, 1967 in Ashland, Nebraska THIS SATURDAY NIGHT.

This screening opens the true show!... A night of sharing 4 years of my time as a comics workshop instructor, along with another Mike, whom has been mentoring for 4 years with the film program at Venice Arts, Mike Cersosimo.

The event starts at 7pm sharp!.. Be there for a great fundraiser!

Join us through facebook:

and eventbrite (for tickets):

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wrestling relationships and a finished page #5 from M.W.F. #6!...

Another mode i'm playing with, let's call it, in Misfit Wrestling Federation is the idea of the wrestling relationship -- beyond physicality. A common theme in our every day lives, but what about with wrestlers?.. Are they still all "over-the-top" outside of the ring?...

 Mmm... Not necessarily, but it sure can make a journey!...

Here, Bald-Headed Freak - a long time wrestler, and the figure head of the M.W.F. from his notoriety, reflects back to hearing gossip of Big Dongrel Mongrel (Big Don)'s days of using his own rules in the ring.

All the while, Mad Mike is doing his best to catch up with 'the Freak', but are they just business partners at different sides of the spectrum or is there something else going on that can't let them "gel"?...

A now lettered, inked, and toned Page #5 from M.W.F. #6 !

Stay tuned for more frames from the latest projects!...

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A "Half & Half" (Half pencils/half inks) from M.W.F. Issue #6

Here's another half & half from my unlimited series, Misfit Wrestling Federation. In issue #6 i'm still pushing the bearers of what comics can only do.

 I guess that's how I can explain this half & half page layout below.. and really, a large substantial part that is the makeup to this series... Other than, loose-canon and crazy-fit (from steroids or not?) characters like the Bald-Headed Freak (below) to obsessive compulsive "head of the company" mad-men, Mad Mike (below). The cast runs the gamut of off-beat personas that you wrestling fans would really enjoy.

 Learn about them in the M.W.F. - Misfit Wrestling Federation series, still available thru Paypal at my website: ~~

If you look closely at this page, you'll find some written dialogue that could "take place" in this future world i'm bring you in to / if you so choose!...

Enjoy !...

Friday, May 09, 2014

Cover for M.W.F. #6 + I'm filling you in!...

Hi everybody,

I've been hard at work over here on a few different fun, exciting and challenging projects. I'm looking forward to sharing them all of course, but i still don't want to give you away all too much!... This passed month, I had the pleasure of working on business card cartoons, full colored comic pages, storyboards and some web application illustrations that all went very well. Today, I delivered a personal birthday gift for a friend to his friends, which was quite interesting. He let me have free reign to interpret the couple presented, so I took it to space of course, put them on a unicorn among a celestial sky fighting creepy bi-pedal humanoids and voila!.... .. Just your average birthday gift ; )

Below, you'll find the cover of M.W.F. #6, because yes, it's still being done and yes, i'm doing two books at once. But they're entirely two different "animals" so chill out @_@/ for what i've done so far on this planet!...

The only current pro wrestling comic book series in print?... maybe?...


Friday, April 18, 2014

Some new panel highlights from un-announced work >>>>>>>>>

Here's some panel highlights that continue not long-after last post's comic pages.

I'll be honest, i'm still not ready to disclose too much of this project. BUT -- I will tell you, that it's a large enough scope of a world that I can still share a ton of imagery without you even meeting the central characters.

This project also has a whole-other artistic approach of myself that i'm adding to it and that I cant wait to share. That part, also involves my talented friends.

I don't know if it's going to be single issues yet, or one big release.. but, stay tooned!... O_o

Friday, April 04, 2014

In honor of Jake "The Snake" Roberts Hall of Fame induction - The 'DDT' Print available through !

I've made a new print available from my website, for a limited time, check out this limited print (edition of 10) titled, 'DDT' in honor and homage to who I believe, is one of the most entertaining American professional wrestlers ever to wrestle, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts. This Saturday, WWE inducts him in to their Hall of Fame. Rightfully Deserved ^_^/

Friday, March 28, 2014

A little sneak peak without too much sneaking around...

Hey everyone, Here's a little sneak peak (and some proof) that I am indeed working on the next Bombshell Comics production ^_^

Sometimes I "fall off the planet", it happens. Especially working on large scoped books... and storyboarding the night away... Both I love no doubt -- but the "work" involved... the "work" involved... : )

 The page below is only page 28 of what might be 200+ pages from my next one..

I'm excited to share more from this one, but it's just not that far enough along yet - too.

I will tell you, the beach seen here is Wildwood, New Jersey.

More to come!..

Stay tooned! 0_o

Friday, March 21, 2014

M.W.F. taking a back seat!...and.. another project in the works...

Sadly, my first unlimited comic series, Misfit Wrestling Federation, must take a back seat beginning this year -- I have another project in the works that's taking my attention to another level of my expression: MY MUSIC. It will come in a variety of formats to experience... i'm very excited.
I'm also looking forward to sharing that with you all, on here... in time.

Eddie McMoon though, still awaits you -- Keep reading M.W.F. - Misfit Wrestling Federation at Rumble Owl Alt. Comics site: (and check out the other sweet comics on there too) and of course, the collected edition of M.W.F. Main Event: Hippie Saundra VS Shiela Child is still available thru collects the first five issues in a handsome 100 page format.

Below, a page 16/page 1 spread of Issue #1 (because I also format, print, staple and ship my books ; )

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Beware The Mosquito In 'Style & Grace' - The Collected Graphic Novel is OUT NOW

'Style & Grace', my original 4-part mini series in full color, has now been collected and is now available through
This collected graphic novel was originally submitted to a health care foundation, but was somehow over-looked/denied... and now I've taken it in to my own hands to continue to self-publish it -- Like I did from the very beginning and i'm really proud of it!... It feels great to do a piece for a notable and still troubling cause....

Still don't know what i'm leading this too??...

Get the graphic novel in it's full-color glory, 112pgs for just $20 at

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

You might have seen.../You will be seeing...

I was happy to be asked to have the opportunity of providing the artwork for Los Angeles Zine Fest this year. I provided a couple different pieces and I'm curious as to what they'll be using.. all I know is.. I'm looking forward to seeing how !
Here's what's being used so far, both on their site and tee shirts:
Also, see another version at the main page ^_^/

See you on the 16th!!...

Monday, January 13, 2014

Pinball art show THIS SATURDAY Wha? huh!? WHO!?

I'm excited for this event,.. for the first time i'm blowing my black and white cartoon work up to 38x40!... Check out this site-specific show, this Saturday, January 18th 2014: At Pins & Needles LA!...
"Who does this guy this he is?!..."
Original comic books, zines and prints will also be available.