Sunday, October 19, 2014

If Jim Cornette had a Bombshell Comics t-shirt...

It would look like this:

It's no better time to be a fan of pro wrestling folks!.. At-least, I think so... Sorta -- I do miss the old wrestling ring that used to sHaKe and QuAkE it's way from wrestlers big and small. The other thing I miss is sheer charisma and character. Which, all these gentleman and ladies I've drawn above, all had in pro-wrestling during their time.

One things for sure, I sure didn't see it all coming to experiencing some of my favorite wrestling managers now hosting their very own podcasts. One of them, is Jim Cornette. He has always been a most interesting cat to me -- and now with listening to his podcast, he has such a strong vision and a taste of an opinion that I love to hear on the yester-year of pro wrestling and it goes all the way till today of what "Sports Entertainment" is. Well, Jim Cornette has been through them both. Not only that, he got to work with all the starZ of pro-wrestling.. and I emphasize that with a Z -- because he's also knocked a whole bunch out (and made them see stars) with his trusty tennis racket!.. I couldn't NOT include that racket in this piece.

Lastly, you're seeing a selected cast of my own favorites he managed from the passed 30+ years.
Now, for Jim Cornette to see it... ; )