Saturday, December 28, 2013

End of the year wrap-up!.. Happy Holidays!...and New Year!

As the end of this quick and enjoyable year is approaching, I'd like to reflect upon some proud projects here at my blog along with a happy holidays from Bombshell Comics!..

In February, I finished my 16th comic release, 'THAT BIKE' - which tells the tale of discovering a 1969 AMF Roadmaster muscle bike on a rooftop in Philadelphia and is my first semi-auto bio story:

That very month, I did the storyboards for one of the most viral and talked about commercial spots of the year, with Peter Atencio (Key & Peele) and the production company, Gifted Youth.
The project was Pepsi 'Test Drive" w/ Jeff Gordon:
In May, I released M.W.F. - Misfit Wrestling Federation #4, my 17th comic release of my first unlimited series:

In August, I had the pleasure of storyboarding a Playmates and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles commercial with director, David Jellison and the production company Accomplice Media:

Storyboarding the entire Blake Griffin Gamefly commercial spots with Gifted Youth has been a complete blast too, here's some selective frames:
In October, I had the pleasure of doing some concept drawings for a Tostitos commercial with the talented production company, Gifted Youth as well as fun promotional stuff like Godspell: A Tribute to Rodd Keith:

November saw the release of M.W.F. #5 (which has some of my most dynamic comic work yet):


Hello World Zine #5 contains a slew of creative contributors bringing comics, poetry and photography together for the creative human spirit. That was released this December.
Here's some page spreads and the cover (by William Brun):
Keith Schifano/Benjamin Harmon:
 Kelly Giles/Roberto Palazzo:
Walton Jordan/Mark Darcourt:
Over-all, an awesome year. Happy Holidays to everyone!!...

Monday, November 18, 2013

Misfit Wrestling Federation #5's 5-Page Preview!.. Issue #5 is NOW AVAILABLE

The latest from my first on-going series Misfit Wrestling Federation, issue #5 is now available through ^_^/

Enjoy M.W.F. !... The only pro wrestling comic book in print?... Maybe ?!?

Here's the 5 page preview of issue #5:

Read M.W.F. right now at it's beginning as a web comics series!.. Only at Rumble Owl Alternative Comics Website: 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Going Roddspell with Rodd Keith!...

I excitedly took this opportunity to draw a flyer for a show of a most unique variety this year, it's called Roddspell. A tribute to Rodd Keith. Who's Rodd Keith?... A song poem composer. A musical genius who's profession was composing song poems through advertisements commonly found in comic books, newspapers and the like. A day in the age when aspiring song writers could essentially hire Rodd keith to record their demo. Rodd recorded hundreds of these.
This flyer is for tomorrow evening. A tribute night to his great work.
The night will consist of live music & DJ'd Rodd Keith Song Poems!..
All at the 3 of Clubs - Los Angeles.
 Happy Halloween!

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Page 7 from Misfit Wrestling #5 and... Bombshell Comics is on Tumblr?!... Read 'THAT BIKE' (Eventually) FOR FREE!

Here's the latest page from Misfit Wrestling Federation #5 -- We're amidst the first women's title match of the M.W.F. -- An ex-valet, Hippie Saundra now faces an experienced yet-immature, wrestler by the name of Shiela Child. (Issues 1-4 are on sale at

M.W.F. Issue #5 coming this month!.. (hopefully)

A fully-lettered, page #7 from M.W.F. #5:

Also, experience my 16th comic release, 'THAT BIKE' (published weekly) now on tumblr!!!...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

'THAT BIKE' (the real one) GETS A GOLD SEAT!....

The very source material of my feb 2013 release, 'THAT BIKE' gets a gold seat, courtesy of Ebay!...

Making this 1969 AMF even-more original, this NOS or a New Old Stock seat, never used, would've been factory fit by the plant in Little Rock, Ark. Which operated from 1953 to 1980. I found it on Ebay about a week or so ago.
photo courtesy of seller.

The seat was made by the same company who made the back "Sissy-bar" - Troxel. Out of Moscow, Tenn. USA. (Page 6 from 'THAT BIKE' shines some light there!)

All-in-all... a most lucky find -- I feel blessed because it was what I was going on Ebay to look for that very part... and with one auction there, no bidders -- I was aiming to my own please_^/
-Michael J.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Hello World Zine #5/ M.W.F. #5 Preview!...

Check out these un-lettered comic preview pages of my comic strip, 'Famous Animal Battles' for Hello World Zine #5 and the latest issue of Misfit Wrestling Federation, #5!...

Hello World Zine #5 includes artists,cartoonists, poets and photographers from all over the world.

M.W.F. or Misfit Wrestling Federation is my first un-limited comic book series (after Style & Grace - 4 issues)... Get all 4 issues that are available today at !...

Friday, May 24, 2013

A 2013 Bombshell Comic Pin!...

...Is soon available ||||  while supplies last  |||| FREE ?!?!
with a purchase of a Bombshell Comic at of course ^_^/ !..

"Designed from a hybrid Roller Dame and bombshell promo poster drawing, I came up with this new pin to rock at the beach this summer!.. I'll mail it with a comic book, free of charge!..."
- The Bombshell send-it-media man, Michael. (5.24.13)

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Misfit Wrestling Federation #5 cover!...

I'm now approaching what will be my first leap in to infinite comics territory !...

Here's the cover of Misfit Wrestling Federation #5, which surpasses my previous series lengths (like Style & Grace) and excites me to keep telling this story!

The big match between Shiela Child and Hippie Saundra takes place in this issue -- Don't miss it!!... Also discover more of Eddie McMoon's vision for the territory, where Bald Headed Freak has been.. hiding?.. and how much L.T.D. Express is really living the dream!...

Stay tuned. ^_^/

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

M.W.F. Roll Call now at PLUS a sneak peek of M.W.F. #4 - out this month!!

I just posted the entire current roll call of my current mini series, Misfit Wrestling Federation over at !.. Be sure and check it out!.. Approaching the release of M.W.F. #4, here's a first three pages sneak peek:

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

\\\<<< 'THAT BIKE' is OUT NOW >>>///

Bicycle/indie comic enthusi' !...

Discover the true American muscle bike in the pages of
'THAT BIKE', my 16th comic release!...

Whew... It's been awhile since an update too, but here's what's come of it!..

48 pages - B+W
on cream paper/Colored cover
- re-created AMF bicycle ads
- an analysis of my 1969 AMF 'American V'
- a historic overview of AMF the company and the factory, which made it.
 - a longevity of bicycles - my AMF in particular, as according to a cartoonist...
- the story of the discovery of the bike!...

just $12.00 @

Ride on ^_^/ -Michael (Mike)

All in 48 glorious black and white pages!..