Wednesday, February 20, 2013

\\\<<< 'THAT BIKE' is OUT NOW >>>///

Bicycle/indie comic enthusi' !...

Discover the true American muscle bike in the pages of
'THAT BIKE', my 16th comic release!...

Whew... It's been awhile since an update too, but here's what's come of it!..

48 pages - B+W
on cream paper/Colored cover
- re-created AMF bicycle ads
- an analysis of my 1969 AMF 'American V'
- a historic overview of AMF the company and the factory, which made it.
 - a longevity of bicycles - my AMF in particular, as according to a cartoonist...
- the story of the discovery of the bike!...

just $12.00 @

Ride on ^_^/ -Michael (Mike)

All in 48 glorious black and white pages!..