Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Half pencils/half inks from 'The Wildwood Days of Doo Wop'!.. // Seattle's Pinball Zine, Skill Shot Reviews 'Destroy Centaur'

Seattle's Pinball Zine, Skill shot (Issue #54 - June 2019) - has given it's review of the latest Bombshell Comics release, 'Destroy Centaur' and overall, it's a nice review, calling it "a pleasantly strange comic book.." and that, "..if you're a fan of the pin, you will love Destroy Centaur!.." 

Pages from the Wildwood Days of Doo Wop continue to be produced.. I'm somewhere in the 40 pages range right now, and plan to go in to the 70's in page length and era of Doo Wop Architecture from Wildwood. The period of Doo Wop architecture doesn't really get going until 1956, but the movement goes strong all through the 1960's and Wildwood becomes filled with hundreds of these unique resort Motels that I cannot wait to share through my storytelling. 

Hotel Seipp eventually becomes The Tides Inn..

The book thus far, has been a journey of discovery and investigation. The research needed to fulfill the drawings AND the factual information worthy of being published can be tricky, and certainly, time consuming.. but I am having so much fun. Summer 2020 is my goal for a release date.. with more surprises to come.  Keep checking back when you can!..

The Flame Inn and The Binns Motor Inn were/are pre-Doo Wop architecture.