Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Where have all the panel dynamics gone?... Misfit Wrestling Federation #6 Page 20

Well, they're not in current wrestling comics. Yes, I have *ahem* competitors as of late with the commercial market -- WWE is now putting out a comic book with even, pro wrestlers scribing the tales. Sounds awesome but where's the panel dynamics?.. The only thing that could truly show the art form of pro wrestling in a sequential form?.. Not in their full-colored, ad-ridden adventure.

Yes, my work is black and white BUT it does have panel dynamics. 

What is panel dynamics?...
My own definition of panel dynamics is letting the objects dictate the panel motion and flow. This, combined with proper (emphasis on clarity) balloon placement, a page not only can get dynamic, but it also allows for an "environment wrapping" manifesto of the objects... All the while, the eye is literally on a ride around the page. Something only comics can do and can be embraced whole-heartedly in any line of pro wrestling comics. 
Just my opinion ^_^

Above: Page 20 from the unreleased, Misfit Wrestling Federation #6 (OUT SOON)

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