Saturday, May 24, 2014

A "Half & Half" (Half pencils/half inks) from M.W.F. Issue #6

Here's another half & half from my unlimited series, Misfit Wrestling Federation. In issue #6 i'm still pushing the bearers of what comics can only do.

 I guess that's how I can explain this half & half page layout below.. and really, a large substantial part that is the makeup to this series... Other than, loose-canon and crazy-fit (from steroids or not?) characters like the Bald-Headed Freak (below) to obsessive compulsive "head of the company" mad-men, Mad Mike (below). The cast runs the gamut of off-beat personas that you wrestling fans would really enjoy.

 Learn about them in the M.W.F. - Misfit Wrestling Federation series, still available thru Paypal at my website: ~~

If you look closely at this page, you'll find some written dialogue that could "take place" in this future world i'm bring you in to / if you so choose!...

Enjoy !...

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