Monday, April 11, 2016

A night of Northern Soul & Pinball // M.W.F. Issue #8 cover // Other stuff

Hey everyone, sorry, it's been awhile. I'm alive and still kicking.. 

I've been in to a little momentum, yep - yet another thing.. as I continue to host my Night of Northern Soul and Pinball at Pins and Needles. It's a pinball parlor inside the recording studio, Bedrock Studios. I love these two businesses and believe they should be supported in that they allow artists to be creative with lock-out spaces and rehearsal rooms to having a place for some downtime with your friends. Did I mention three decades of pinball machines?.. 

Definitely check them out if you're in the Los Angeles area. 

Approaching these nights thematically, i'm inspired by one Northern Soul song, which is defined as a pre-Motown and underground sound that almost twenty years later, became famous in Great Britain's dance club scene. Why?.. Because these songs you can most definitely dance to.

The music is most enjoyable but it's out of circumstance that the labels at the time didn't get the air time they deserved in order to gain national or international success.. Leaving us with delightful one hit wonders of the underground you've never heard of at an extremely rounded and tasteful analog sound quality. The singers sing at their heart's desire on most of the songs. Brenda Holloway (Even though the recording is Motown) had just this 1964 re-release which is considered Northern Soul, that inspired me to create this Saturday's poster and night theme:

What fantastic lyrics: "Lord, take me through this change - Tears alone could never explain - about this lonely world of despair.."

Our first night, I used Lainie Hill's Time Marches On:

Lastly, I can share the cover I've drawn to M.W.F. #8:

The 10th Anniversary website will be up soon, replacing my long-lasting "living room" design.. It's been a good run and I've had nice complements regarding it's design and funky-ness. So happy to bring my art there for you all. Stay tuned for more!..

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Bombshell Comics is turning TEN!.. || 33 pages of M.W.F. #7 are YOURS (Read the entire comic here) || Thank you for your patience!

Hey Everyone,

Apologize for the long pause in my social activity.

 I've come back, out from my cave to share with you what I could: An un-edited entirety of Misfit Wrestling Federation #7!..

33 pages of story and art that I'm proud to bring you. Coming in to this at the seventh issue, you might not know exactly what's going here, but at-least you'll get a good idea ^_^ Maybe even enough to start from the very beginning!..

The beauty of underground, independent comics is: NO ADS! ^_^

Misfit Wrestling Federation on Comixology: For your phone or any mobile device (I'm really happy with Comixology's guided view, they do a great job on my sometimes, complex layouts)
and the issue will soon be available in print thru my new 10th Anniversary Website (up soon):

I've drawn another two comics books in 2015, but they're a part of a larger project I'm still deciding on how or when, to release. Stay tuned!..

Thursday, July 23, 2015

CHILDREN, BE-HAYYY-VVVEE *** L.A. DWP Comic Book with Venice Arts -- THE COVER***

That's what they say, when we're together.. (Sorry, Been on a Tommy James and The Shondells kick)

Pardon my once again, for another month+ absense... I guess it does a body good to be busy and well, I was!...

I went back to the homeland of New Jersey for some partial business matters that were all totally fun. I enjoyed returning to a camp I once was a counselor at, and saw some of my former campers now 10 years older. A mega change from the 10 year olds I knew them as. I kept telling myself: time flies. Enjoy it and this, and everything... and I did. It felt great to get away from the drawing table or the guitar and just experience civilian life once again (haha)... and of course, seeing my family was amazing. I miss all of them incredibly. 

It's not like I'm too far off now from civilian life, mind you, but I will tell you, if I can compare my creative output right now to child birth, i'd say I'm giving birth to a small colony... but, more on that later.

I'm currently at the tail-end of a month-long workshop at Venice Arts, and the student cartoonist's work this year has been exciting me to the fullest. As promised, please find the cover to the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power cover of, 'Energy Vampires and Water Goblins" below.

I penciled the cover, my student Jesse Papik did the inks!..

This is a water and energy conservation comic book I lead in a workshop with twelve to fourteen 10 to 17 year olds. I'm super excited to see the change it hopefully brings to Los Angeles!

More on this later too!...

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Divas of Wrestling art contest // A half & half from M.W.F. #7 // In the news!...

Hey everyone. This week was crazy. Wait - This month was crazy!.. From branded story boarding to non-profit work to anything comics in-between, I'm definitely running on all cylinders ^_^

Here's some of those results:

Masters of Ring Entertainment has chosen my piece here, for their 'Divas of Wrestling" art contest. The 'Divas of Wrestling' event is being held this Saturday, called  Lasting Legacy: A Tribute to Women In Wrestling where, i'm told me piece will be auctioned to help breast cancer screenings to those who can't afford. I'm happy to be a part of that!!..

Get your tickets, here for the event.

My piece is titled, 'Catch The Divas of Wrestling':

As promised, more M.W.F. half & halfs!... (half pencils, Half inks)
This one is the one i'm inking today, page 6 from issue #7 of Misfit Wrestling Federation:

In News: The second issue of my pro wrestling series, Misfit Wrestling Federation is going live on Comixology, this Wednesday, May 20th. 

Stay tuned for more news!!.. 

Thursday, April 02, 2015

It's 1973, the DDT wasn't invented!.. // Wondercon Anaheim, CA this Weekend! - Table 873

It's 1973 folks!.. the DDT wasn't invented yet!..

A cool thing about doing a "period piece" like Misfit Wrestling Federation is knowing what came after. In this case of issue #7, I feel when it feels good, make it informative.. Why not?.. It never hurts to learn something while reading and this is an art form (wrestling) in itself... You'll learn about it in M.W.F. if I can help it ! : )

 Like it or not, it's a fascinating art form in which the most colorful and not-so-coloful, strongmen and women have been involved. In many ways, they're a direct reflection of our society and the understanding of the struggles and issues we go through as humans on our planet. There's a reason professional wrestling has captivated many, many people in many many ways.

Maybe you'll agree to disagree.. and we'll wrestle to figure it out!!..

Either way.. here's that finished page from the last posting:

 Also, find me, along with the Comic Makers Los Angeles Meet-up group, at Wondercon
This Weekend: April, 3rd-5th 2015:
At the Anaheim Convention Center - We're at table 873!!.. Fri-Sunday

I will have MOST of the Bombshell Comics line available for purchase. Cash only_^/

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Half & Half (Sorta) // Working in circles, figure eights and "directionals" let's call them // Misfit Wrestling Federation is coming to Comixology March 18th

Hey everyone,

Been awhile since a posting... it's not a bad thing. That's what I keep telling myself, so.. let it be so, will you?.. ^_^

I guess I like to call me endeavor with making comics as well, "let the audience find me if they are looking..." and I know some of you are, after these nine years, and I thank you. Even for just your visits and views... the internet is indeed a blessing for the independent - but, it's still hard.

Well, i'm not stopping!.. Below is a half and half (sorta) page #3 from Misfit Wrestling Federation #7...

For my first unlimited series, Misfit Wrestling Federation goes live for purchase this Wednesday - March, 18 2015 on ..The digital comics subscription and service. I would highly recommend if you're a cartoonist, to take a look at the books within the Comixology Submit program:

I post this out of what I find to be one of the most enjoyable challenges beyond your standard representational art (as far as you take it as a cartoonist I guess) is the directional over-pass and under-pass let's call them, to the whole comics narrative as a form. Those over-pass and under-passes i'm calling them, involve not only word balloons of the comic with it's placement (which you won't find below) but mostly, a shape/panel relationship/flow.

That's what a "real" wrestling comic book needs. In my opinion. In order to feel the dynamics of the interaction of the wrestlers and their moves, the cartoonist ( writer and artist) must know when and how to place the moves and essentially, story "beats" within each-other fluidly. On top of that, the construction needs to work all at once to encapsulate environment and the energy involved. Just as a match transpires among a commentator reaction... and in this case, character reaction and interaction within the match.Where will the word bubbles fit?.. You'll have to wait and see. Will I go back to "standard" paneling?.. Yes, it's already happening... Look at the top of this page!...

This challenge gets my excitement.. my drive.. to make this the best pro wrestling comic series you never read.

Cover of the unreleased, issue #7 (Released sometime this year):

Stay tuned!.. I plan to post storyboards i've done within the last year or so!...


Thursday, January 15, 2015

A re-created poster ad that's not in the book // 'THAT BIKE' mentioned in Philly Blogs

As I might've shared or even "favorite" on my twitter recently, fellow blogs and mention my 2012 release, 'THAT BIKE'.

Frankly, I had a complete blast making 'THAT BIKE'. My first semi-autobiographical story set in south Philadelphia where I find one of the coolest things I still own, my 1969 AMF Roadmaster 'American V' "muscle bike".

Purchase it, here:

Below is my treat. A re-created poster ad that's not in 'THAT BIKE' (only available at shows):

Yes, I laid down to draw this ^_^ but not the background : )

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The first 6 pages of Misfit Wrestling Federation #6 /// To a busy year!...

Hi everyone!...

Misfit Wrestling Federation #6 is now available at my website.

I've had a wonderful busy year here in Los Angeles. I was fortune enough to provide my first animation in a feature film (more on that later)... storyboard some major brands with great directors and crews... work on one of my dream projects involving my friends and another creative aspect of me and the medium of comics itself (of course, more on that later !)... released 'December 3rd 1967: An Alien Encounter' on Comixology Submit... had a grant awarded to my comics workshop (more on that later, too)... and lastly, give you the first 6 pages of M.W.F. #6 for your enjoyment -_-/:

24pgs - Starts the story arc: 'What's In Mad Mike's Ring?'

Get it at: ! ^_^/Thanks!

Monday, December 01, 2014

'December 3rd 1967: An Alien Encounter' goes live on Comixology - Dec. 3rd 2014 - It's 47th Anniversary!

Iphone and tablet users!.. 'December 3rd 1967: An Alien Encounter', one of my proudest achievements, comes to this Wednesday, December 3rd marking Herbert Schirmer's 1967 encounter anniversary of 47 years.

Originally released with a successful Kickstarter campaign, the idea first found me while exploring some U.F.O. contactee sound files - of which, Herbert's audio storytelling was beautifully told and captured. Below and above is HIS dialogue, transcribed word for word.
I'm working on getting physical copies back in print. Stay tuned for that announcement and more!...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Where have all the panel dynamics gone?... Misfit Wrestling Federation #6 Page 20

Well, they're not in current wrestling comics. Yes, I have *ahem* competitors as of late with the commercial market -- WWE is now putting out a comic book with even, pro wrestlers scribing the tales. Sounds awesome but where's the panel dynamics?.. The only thing that could truly show the art form of pro wrestling in a sequential form?.. Not in their full-colored, ad-ridden adventure.

Yes, my work is black and white BUT it does have panel dynamics. 

What is panel dynamics?...
My own definition of panel dynamics is letting the objects dictate the panel motion and flow. This, combined with proper (emphasis on clarity) balloon placement, a page not only can get dynamic, but it also allows for an "environment wrapping" manifesto of the objects... All the while, the eye is literally on a ride around the page. Something only comics can do and can be embraced whole-heartedly in any line of pro wrestling comics. 
Just my opinion ^_^

Above: Page 20 from the unreleased, Misfit Wrestling Federation #6 (OUT SOON) has a new website look up!... Check out my living room!.. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

If Jim Cornette had a Bombshell Comics t-shirt...

It would look like this:

It's no better time to be a fan of pro wrestling folks!.. At-least, I think so... Sorta -- I do miss the old wrestling ring that used to sHaKe and QuAkE it's way from wrestlers big and small. The other thing I miss is sheer charisma and character. Which, all these gentleman and ladies I've drawn above, all had in pro-wrestling during their time.

One things for sure, I sure didn't see it all coming to experiencing some of my favorite wrestling managers now hosting their very own podcasts. One of them, is Jim Cornette. He has always been a most interesting cat to me -- and now with listening to his podcast, he has such a strong vision and a taste of an opinion that I love to hear on the yester-year of pro wrestling and it goes all the way till today of what "Sports Entertainment" is. Well, Jim Cornette has been through them both. Not only that, he got to work with all the starZ of pro-wrestling.. and I emphasize that with a Z -- because he's also knocked a whole bunch out (and made them see stars) with his trusty tennis racket!.. I couldn't NOT include that racket in this piece.

Lastly, you're seeing a selected cast of my own favorites he managed from the passed 30+ years.
Now, for Jim Cornette to see it... ; )

Monday, September 08, 2014

My Venice Arts ( comics workshop's next adventure is in water and energy conservation.

After returning from my vacation spent on the east coast, i got the coolest news in regards to the non-profit where I instruct a "creating comics from the ground up" workshop -- They had been awarded a grant to create a comic book that will be distributed throughout the Los Angeles school system on water and energy conservation!

This will be the first time while instructing these last 4 years that our workshop at Venice Arts has ever been given a grant by the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power to create a water and energy conservation comic book... This will also be my 9th anthology-based comic with Venice Arts, a non-profits arts organization that gives low-income families a free multimedia arts experience in film, photography and comics. 

We as a class, write, draw, ink, letter, color and lastly, edit (if there's time ; ) our own stories together within either a summer course (4 weeks/5days/wk) or the academic years (23 weeks-1day/wk).

The experience is awesome. Filled with discovery for everyone. We break down the medium as much as we can with the wonderful world of comics instructive literature, such as Scott McCloud's 'Understanding Comics', our growing and large comics collection, and my very own research and exploratory development I've made over the years making my own comics.

Most of all, I love to empower the students to keep going. Keep expressing themselves in this amazing free-form storytelling medium ^_^

Below: Our last 8 comic book covers. More at:
Michael J.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Mohawk Bend Anniversary Art Show - This Wednesday August 6th - Selective art works on display!...

Hey Everyone,

I have selective art works from both my Roller Dames series and original comic book pages going up for Mohawk bend's Anniversary Art Show. The opening reception is from 5:30-7:00pm this Wednesday -- Don't miss it!.. Catch my work with other local Echo Park local artists in a wonderful unique space (a former vaudeville theatre) for this limited time!...

The Facebook event page to RSVP:

See you there!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

My favorite pinball parlor's Grand Re-Opening and the flyer i made for this Friday night! ~

I had a joy or producing this flyer for my favorite pinball parlor in Los Angeles,.. Echo Park to be particular, Bedrock Studios to be even more.

Pins & Needles is operated by a fellow artist, and simply one of the best pinball players out there. Also... I mean, what kind of woman does it take to offer 24 of her vintage pinball machines for you to play at the very cost they've always been played for?... 25,50,75 cents?...

Well, Pins & Needles is having a Grand Re-Opening and i'm happy to have coined it, "Bally Goodness".