Friday, March 21, 2014

M.W.F. taking a back seat!...and.. another project in the works...

Sadly, my first unlimited comic series, Misfit Wrestling Federation, must take a back seat beginning this year -- I have another project in the works that's taking my attention to another level of my expression: MY MUSIC. It will come in a variety of formats to experience... i'm very excited.
I'm also looking forward to sharing that with you all, on here... in time.

Eddie McMoon though, still awaits you -- Keep reading M.W.F. - Misfit Wrestling Federation at Rumble Owl Alt. Comics site: (and check out the other sweet comics on there too) and of course, the collected edition of M.W.F. Main Event: Hippie Saundra VS Shiela Child is still available thru collects the first five issues in a handsome 100 page format.

Below, a page 16/page 1 spread of Issue #1 (because I also format, print, staple and ship my books ; )

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