Sunday, July 21, 2013

'THAT BIKE' (the real one) GETS A GOLD SEAT!....

The very source material of my feb 2013 release, 'THAT BIKE' gets a gold seat, courtesy of Ebay!...

Making this 1969 AMF even-more original, this NOS or a New Old Stock seat, never used, would've been factory fit by the plant in Little Rock, Ark. Which operated from 1953 to 1980. I found it on Ebay about a week or so ago.
photo courtesy of seller.

The seat was made by the same company who made the back "Sissy-bar" - Troxel. Out of Moscow, Tenn. USA. (Page 6 from 'THAT BIKE' shines some light there!)

All-in-all... a most lucky find -- I feel blessed because it was what I was going on Ebay to look for that very part... and with one auction there, no bidders -- I was aiming to my own please_^/
-Michael J.

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