Monday, July 16, 2012

Graphic Novel Slideshow Tour 2012 Dates July 27th - Aug 12th

Here's the official tour promo poster for my summer excursion to the middle of America!.. Would really enjoy meeting you.

See each individual location info at: ~

Huge website update coming soon!...

"come with me, watchman..."


jeff said...

Thank you Michael for an entertaining and thought provoking evening. I attended the first leg of your tour, in Ashland Ne, where the Dec 3rd , 1967 encounter occurred. Your presentation, and the discussion that followed by people who knew Herb and remember the event was pretty special!


Michael Jasorka said...

Thank YOU Jeff for attending!!.. I'm planning to do another Tour next summer - So keep your eyes open for it!!... Wishing you well!... MJ.